Social Events​

Social Events​

Social events are more family and friends oriented. Usually put on for milestone moments! No matter what type of social event from birthdays to baby showers you want to make sure your decor is on point. Leaving a memorable experience is important when it comes to social events, usually highlighting a milestone moment. Make it one to remember!


How to plan your balloon decor for your Social Event!

Most social event decorations consist of decorating the most common areas within the event. These would be considered your focal points. The main four areas you should consider are your…..


A balloon arch with the name Taylor on it.

Centerpieces for Tables

Photo Backdrop

Desert and/or Food Tables

A buffet table with balloon columns on the ends.

Let us help you plan your social event accordingly! Maybe you need just one or all we don’t want you to leave anything out! Please consider all details when planning a beautiful event.